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Conflict in Europe
the National Army Museum

Re-imagining of an existing Gallery with Dali track fixtures and Pharos Controls
Photo Credit: Sarah Glaves @ the National Army Museum

About the Project

The latest re-imagining of galleries at the National Army Museum in Chelsea saw the previously titled 'Battle' gallery become 'Conflict in Europe'. The Museum wide Pharos control system was re-programmed for the new showcase layout and the fixtures both at high level and within showcases re-focussed.

The Museum's collection consists of mostly paper and fabric objects which have strict conservation light level requirements, and the control system is a hybrid of Dali and DMX control to achieve consistent playback across the space.

  • Date

    June 2023

  • Our Client

    National Army Museum

Equipment List

1 * Pharos Controls TPC Touchscreen Controller
1 * Pharos Controls EXT Expansion Module
5 * Pharos Controls RIO-D Expansion Module
Beacon track fixtures by Concord
Showcase fixtures by CLS & UFO